29 Sep

Sany crane put to work

first_imgHLPFI first reported on the impressive 4,000-tonne capacity crane in June 2020. The SC40000A crane has twin lattice booms and features a maximum load moment of 90,000 tonne/metres. It can lift as much as 2,000 tonnes to a height of 100 m. The crane can be transported as 150 trailer loads of 30 tonnes each.www.sanyglobal.comlast_img

21 Dec

Michelle Williams Is Officially Playing Janis Joplin

first_imgMICHELLE WILLIAMS has confirmed that she’s playing JANIS JOPLIN in an upcoming movie.  It’s going to be based on a book by her sister Laura Joplin called “Love, Janis”.But honestly, it’s hard to believe ANYTHING about a Janis Joplin movie until it actually happens . . . until it’s actually in theaters and there are real life people there to see it, and PROVE that it exists.That’s because they’ve been trying to get a Joplin movie off the ground for decades . . . and a ton of actresses have been in talks to play her, including Amy Adams, Lili Taylor, Renee Zellweger, Melissa Etheridge, Courtney Love, the late Brittany Murphy, Pink, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Scarlett Johansson.last_img read more

21 Dec

Lead Gift Bring Fires Creek Property Purchase One Step Closer to Reality

first_imgA major pledge to Mainspring Conservation Trust places the regional nonprofit near their goal to conserve private property in Cherokee and Clay counties that surrounds U.S. Forest Service.Fred and Alice Stanback, North Carolina’s leading environmental donors based in Salisbury, have committed $500,000 to Mainspring for the purchase price of 50 private acres along Laurel Creek, a tributary to Fires Creek.  Fires Creek is designated as an Outstanding Resource Water, the highest designation available in the state. Mainspring, a land trust serving the six western-most counties in North Carolina, is currently under contract with four landowners to purchase the land. Prior to private ownership, the property contained more than one-third of a mile of popular Fires Creek Rim Trail.Mainspring will hold the property before eventually transferring it to the U.S. Forest Service, to become part of the Nantahala National Forest.“Mainspring is acquiring the property for the appraised value, and we are thankful the Stanbacks, who are passionate about protecting the places we love in North Carolina, are supporting this project in such a tremendous way,” says Executive Director Sharon Taylor. “Their contribution will make a lasting difference.”The nonprofit still needs to raise $25,000 for transaction and maintenance costs before the contract expires in the middle of November. People interested in supporting the project can visit mainspringconserves.org and click the “donate” button, where they will then have an opportunity to designate their gift for the Fires Creek project.For more information about Mainspring, visit their website or call 828.837.6383.last_img read more

21 Dec

Chocolate Friday: The Mickey Bar

first_imgShare This!Today’s Chocolate Friday feature is perfect for a hot day–as long as you don’t mind making a mess. It’s the iconic Mickey Bar!Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars and other ice cream treats can be found at ice carts in all of the parks.And although you can get a similar version at grocery stores around the country, it still doesn’t taste quite the same as it does when you’re biting into it at a Disney Park. Which do you like better about it–the “snap” when you bite into the chocolate or the soft sweetness of the ice cream inside? Or is it the whole thing that is, well, magical?Are Mickey Bars a must-do for you on a Disney trip? Let us know in the comments.last_img read more

19 Dec

R9bn fund for affordable housing

first_imgFinancial services group Old Mutual’s investment arm has raised R9-billion for its innovative Housing Impact Fund for South Africa, which aims to help South Africans earning less than R15 000 a month to meet their housing needs. The Fund and its partners already have several dozen projects under way involving the construction or development of some 70 000 affordable housing units, with the ultimate target of building approximately 120 000 units in total over the life of the Fund. It helps fill a serious gap in the market between government-provided housing and those who have access to bank finance to purchase their own homes. The Fund, one of the largest of its kind ever raised in South Africa, finances the construction of “affordable” homes for sale and rent, as well as providing housing loans and rental accommodation for families and students. Kisten said that the unique partnerships with developers through special purpose vehicles ensure that Old Mutual maximises the direct profit participation potential, and also mitigates direct corporate risk. “We are thrilled to be partnering with like-minded, socially conscious investors – the Public Investment Corporation, Old Mutual Life Assurance Company of SA, the Development Bank of Southern Africa and Eskom – to help ease the backlog of some 650 000 housing units in the affordable sector. SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo material Several dozen projects under waycenter_img “We are very excited by the progress made to date and future plans for the Fund, all of which have been made possible by both our investment and development partners spanning the public and private sectors,” added Kisten. “Such sustainable partnerships have a key role to play in South Africa’s successful development, helping to overcome the economic and social challenges we still face.” Addressing housing challenge It is managed by Christine Glover, an experienced low-income housing sector specialist and head of Development Impact Funds at Alternative Investments, who also manages the Financial Sector Charter Fund and other funds dedicated to making a positive impact on the country’s social and economic development. “Although much remains to be done to further improve general living conditions around the country, we believe we have established a successful model for housing investment in underdeveloped areas, as well as financing solutions for end-users, which have previously been neglected by institutional investors due to the high level of risk in this industry.” 13 July 2011 Announcing the closure of the Fund last week, Rojie Kisten, head of capital raising at Old Mutual Investment Group South Africa, said: “The Housing Impact Fund has been [the group’s] response to the government’s call on the private sector to assist in finding lasting solutions to the housing challenge in the country.last_img read more

17 Dec

Going Beyond the Gut: Fact-Based Research

first_imgImagine starting your day off receiving budget approval for new loss prevention equipment to protect your high-shrink departments in ten different stores. You are thinking of unrolling this technology to other departments based on the performance in shortage reduction, but how do you measure it? Do you measure the stores equally even though there were different starting days for installation? Does the technology perform differently across markets? Across different departments? What measurements will you rely on to assess the technology’s effectiveness? Does it have diminishing effectiveness over time?With ever-increasing justification needed to get diminishing budget allocations, the need grows to properly and accurately quantify the impact of technology and add credibility to future requests. This brings us to today’s topic: fact-based research. As an industry, we are moving away from gut reactions and anecdotal evidence to more scientific approaches, or at least I believe we should be. Understanding the scientific method and designing your own proof of concepts in house will lead you to be better equipped to evaluate products, as well as see where vendor white papers may be fudging the numbers.With information as richly available as it is today, you’d be remiss not to take it into consideration when you calculate a return on investment. With better data, LP practitioners can get a more robust view of where certain technology can be more effective and the financial impact it can have on not just shortage, but also operational and customer experiences as well.- Sponsor – Testing MethodsConsider the use of electronic article surveillance (EAS) tags; it may vary in effectiveness due to the type of theft risk in particular locations. Sure, EAS tags will likely scare off the opportunistic shoplifters, but will it have the same impact on organized retail crime (ORC) offenders? By taking a look at data for your locations, you can invest capital more intelligently than arbitrarily assigning new technology to your top-shortage stores. There are many ways to test a new product to come up with valid conclusions, but it essentially falls into two main categories: pre/post (crossover) testing and comparable-store (parallel) testing.Crossover testing occurs in two time periods—before and after the technology is introduced. This is the most powerful study design because we can see how our metrics change with the introduction of a new technology in a store. Before the tech is installed, we get to see what baseline activity is like for a particular metric, and after the tech is installed we can see its direct impact on our metrics of interest. This also allows us to use significantly smaller sample sizes when compared to a parallel design.The main drawback to this type of design is that it can be a lengthy process to collect information in both periods. Additionally, with this longer timeline, temporal effects may confound your conclusions. The most obvious impact of this effect would be during the holiday season. Did your sales increase due to the new clothing tag allowing for more stock to be available on the shelves, or is it a hot-ticket item? You can compare the results to those from the same period last year for a better comparison since business trends are more similar year to year than month to month.Parallel testing occurs in one time period and compares test stores to untested stores. This allows for a shorter testing period and can help mitigate some of those seasonal effects mentioned before. Again, if we look at a new clothing tag in one store, we can look at the increase in sales and compare that to our control store.However, parallel designs are more subject to external factors that may influence your data. If you have one high-risk store getting a new package wrap and compare it to a similar store that doesn’t have the wrap, there may be major differences between how the stores already protect their packages that could influence the outcome. On top of this, there’s always the Hawthorne effect, where once your store managers realize you are paying extra attention to a particular item, they may go above and beyond to mitigate loss for that item, which impacts all research studies.Did you have to reread those last few paragraphs once or twice to get the gist of it? Designing pilots and testing new technology can be difficult. Thus, there may be a need to bring people on your team who understand the nuances of assessing various treatments in a real-world setting. At my company, we brought on Kyle Grottini, who made sure we could measure a technology’s impact in a scientifically valid manner. This allowed us to predict our shortage reduction and what that return on investment would mean to our bottom line. As I’ve mentioned previously, you can teach a data scientist about LP with relative ease compared to teaching an LP person data science.The Right PersonnelAs data becomes more omnipresent, having a person on your team who can discuss different methods to leverage available information into business insights is invaluable. In addition to using different data sources, they can also work on data visualization, automated reporting, and dashboards for everyone from store associates to the CEO. Having them focus on the data piece not only provides you with new insights, but also allows them to take an objective look at information that may have been treated subjectively otherwise. Although fact-based research is important, rooting research within the practical constraints of your business will be where people with LP experience can exert some guidance for the data people.Being able to forecast loss is much more powerful than reacting to a year-end inventory. Working with the Loss Prevention Research Council, we consider the role of data in the LP industry in both the LP Innovations Working Group and Data Analytics Working Group. The intertwining of fact-based research, data, and LP is coming at you faster than ever before. Do you have the right people in place to deal with the changing tide? Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

15 Dec

Introducing Web Payments: Easier Online Purchases With The Payment Request API

first_img Buying things online can be a frustrating process, especially on mobile. Even if the pages are well designed, there’s a lot of information required: Our contact information, shipping and billing addresses, shipping option and card details. If you’ve ever just given up sometimes, you’re in the majority.The Baymard Institute took an average across 37 different studies and found that 69% of shopping carts are abandoned. A typical, long checkout form on mobile. From our sponsors: Introducing Web Payments: Easier Online Purchases With The Payment Request API Posted on 2nd January 2018Web Design FacebookshareTwittertweetGoogle+share Related postsInclusive Components: Book Reviews And Accessibility Resources13th December 2019Should Your Portfolio Site Be A PWA?12th December 2019Building A CSS Layout: Live Stream With Rachel Andrew10th December 2019Struggling To Get A Handle On Traffic Surges10th December 2019How To Design Profitable Sales Funnels On Mobile6th December 2019How To Build A Real-Time Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game (Part 2)5th December 2019 HomeWeb DesignIntroducing Web Payments: Easier Online Purchases With The Payment Request API Introducing Web Payments: Easier Online Purchases With The Payment Request APIYou are here:last_img read more

12 Dec

Colorado ~ Sales and Use, Property Taxes: Budget Amendments Include Reduction in Senior Homestead Exemption, Increase in Marijuana Sales Tax

first_imgCCH Tax Day ReportIn budget amendments submitted to the state Legislature, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper proposed a reduction in the senior homestead property tax exemption by half in FY 2017-18, and an increase the special sales tax on adult-use recreational marijuana to 12% in FY 2017-18. Both changes require legislative approval but have prior voter approval, and the revenue can be retained by the state.News Release, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, January 17, 2017last_img

28 Oct

10 months agoSneijder unsurprised Real Madrid struggling without Ronaldo

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Sneijder unsurprised Real Madrid struggling without Ronaldoby Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveWesley Sneijder isn’t surprised seeing Real Madrid struggle without Cristiano Ronaldo.Sneijder believes Ajax can upset Real in their Champions League round 16 clash.Sneijder told Marca: “I knew that Real Madrid depended a lot on Ronaldo, as he always made the difference. So it hasn’t been a surprise for me. Ronaldo always carried the team on his back and it seems, from what we’ve seen up until now, that Real Madrid depended on him a lot. “If Real Madrid did have him then Ajax’s chances of going through would be significantly reduced.” last_img read more

28 Oct

10 months agoLiverpool boss Klopp: Man City still world’s best

first_imgAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say Liverpool boss Klopp: Man City still world’s bestby Freddie Taylor10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says Manchester City are still the best team in the world.Klopp’s Liverpool are seven points ahead of City at the top of the Premier League table ahead of their encounter at the Etihad on Thursday night.But the German insists City are still the top team in world football.”It’s a normal game against Manchester City, a very difficult one, one of the most difficult games you can play in the modern football world, away at City. It’s a really strong football team with an outstanding manager and that’s how it is when you play them,” Klopp told a media conference.”You have to prepare as good as possible, we have to be brave, we have to be full of desire, angry again, like in all the other games. We have to be that, but with the knowledge that the opponent is, for me, still the best team in the world.”That’s how it is. I said it weeks ago because it’s 100 per cent my opinion because of how they play, all the things they achieved, they will achieve and all that stuff, so nothing changed. Only the points changed but not the preparation for the game.” last_img read more