21 Dec

Amazing night in memory of Sammy and Tory Johnston – Picture Special

first_imgGlamour with a capital ‘G’ was the order of the day as Helen Johnston and daughter Amy held their charity ball at the Silver Tassie Hotel.The gala event was in memory of her late husband Sammy who passed away recently and daughter Tory who passed away 3 years ago in July.The three charities chosen to benefit from the event were the Donegal Hospice, the Oncology Day Unit and the Cry unit in Tallaght, where parents who lose a child get a full medical check-up free of charge. Hundreds turned up to show support for Helen and for family and to remember Sammy and Tory who were loved and respected in their hometown of Letterkenny.Photographer Brian McDaid was there to catch some of the glamour!Amy and Hellen Johnston at their charity ball in memory of Troy and Sammy Johnston at the Silver Tassie Hotel. Photo Brian McDaidCathleen Sweeney and Afric Doherty with Helen at her charity ball.Helen with guests including Hanah Doherty, Mary Doherty, Africa, Susan O’Boyle and Connie Doherty.Helen at her charity ball with Donegal Hospice staff, including Helen Doherty, Mary Mc Laughlin Lucia Mc Gettigan, Rosaleen Lynch and Sharon O’Donnell and Noreen LynahMariam and Noelle O’Boyce with Hellen at her charity ball at the Silver TassieHelen with guests at her ball including from Laura Josephine Micheal Rouse Brian And Mary Hegarty, Micheal and Hannah Mc Fadden and Paadar McGrory.Helen with members from left, Sheil, Bernie, Raymond and Jimmy Mc Fadden.Helen with members of the Glenfield family at here charity ball included from left are Joe, Anne, Mary, Ciara Deidre and Paul.Majela and Pauric Gallen with Hellen at the charity ball. Amazing night in memory of Sammy and Tory Johnston – Picture Special was last modified: October 28th, 2018 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:AmyBallhelenletterkennySammy JohnstonTorylast_img read more

18 Dec

SA Sevens rugby targets Rio Olympics

first_img7 February 2014 The South African men’s and women’s Sevens rugby teams will automatically qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio if they secure top-four finishes in their respective 2014/15 HSBC Sevens World Series competitions, the International Rugby Board (IRB) confirmed on Thursday. This follows ratification by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) of the inaugural Rugby Sevens qualification process that will feature a blend of the existing men’s and women’s series structures, regional competitions and a world play-off, ensuring universal representation and the participation of the best teams and players.Qualification structure Under the qualification structure for the men’s competition, four nations will qualify from the 2014/15 Sevens World Series, one nation from each of the six IRB regional competitions, one from the world play-off, and automatic qualification for Brazil, as the hosts of the Olympic Games. The women will follow a similar format, with four teams confirmed via the IRB Women’s Sevens World Series, six from the regional competitions, the world play-off winner and automatic qualification for Brazil.Strong medal contenders South Africa currently leads the 2013/14 men’s World Series standings by a slender margin over rivals New Zealand. Should they continue to be one of the leading lights in the World Series, the Blitzbokke will go into the Rio Olympics as one of South Africa’s strongest contenders for a gold medal. In the past five years, South Africa has won the World Series once and finished second twice. After placing second in 2012/13 and winning three tournaments, coach Neil Powell’s charges have lifted two titles in four events so far this season, which suggests the team is finding greater consistency and playing at a higher level than ever before.Springbok Women The Springbok Women Sevens, meanwhile, finished the 2012/2013 World Series in eighth position. A similar finish in 2014/15 would leave them outside of the core group featuring on the 2013/2014 circuit. However, with the South African Rugby Union having contracted 15 players to the elite women’s Sevens squad, their chances of qualifying next season will no doubt be higher.‘Great for rugby’ IRB chairman Bernard Lapasset said in a statement on Thursday: “We are excited and honoured for rugby Sevens to be making its Olympic Games debut in Rio and believe that the Games will be great for rugby and rugby will be great for the Games. “We are working in partnership with the Rio 2016 Organising Committee and the IOC to deliver a rugby Sevens event that delivers outstanding competition, showcases our most skilful players, delivers a very special vibrant atmosphere and engages new and young audiences around the world.” Referring to the continuing spread of the Sevens game, Lapasset added: “We are delighted to be announcing a truly global qualification structure that presents the opportunity for all our member unions to participate, ensures at least one team from each IRB region qualifies, and delivers the best teams and players to ensure Rugby Sevens contributes significantly to the success of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.” SAinfo reporter and SA Rugbylast_img read more

17 Dec

Going Beyond the Gut: Fact-Based Research

first_imgImagine starting your day off receiving budget approval for new loss prevention equipment to protect your high-shrink departments in ten different stores. You are thinking of unrolling this technology to other departments based on the performance in shortage reduction, but how do you measure it? Do you measure the stores equally even though there were different starting days for installation? Does the technology perform differently across markets? Across different departments? What measurements will you rely on to assess the technology’s effectiveness? Does it have diminishing effectiveness over time?With ever-increasing justification needed to get diminishing budget allocations, the need grows to properly and accurately quantify the impact of technology and add credibility to future requests. This brings us to today’s topic: fact-based research. As an industry, we are moving away from gut reactions and anecdotal evidence to more scientific approaches, or at least I believe we should be. Understanding the scientific method and designing your own proof of concepts in house will lead you to be better equipped to evaluate products, as well as see where vendor white papers may be fudging the numbers.With information as richly available as it is today, you’d be remiss not to take it into consideration when you calculate a return on investment. With better data, LP practitioners can get a more robust view of where certain technology can be more effective and the financial impact it can have on not just shortage, but also operational and customer experiences as well.- Sponsor – Testing MethodsConsider the use of electronic article surveillance (EAS) tags; it may vary in effectiveness due to the type of theft risk in particular locations. Sure, EAS tags will likely scare off the opportunistic shoplifters, but will it have the same impact on organized retail crime (ORC) offenders? By taking a look at data for your locations, you can invest capital more intelligently than arbitrarily assigning new technology to your top-shortage stores. There are many ways to test a new product to come up with valid conclusions, but it essentially falls into two main categories: pre/post (crossover) testing and comparable-store (parallel) testing.Crossover testing occurs in two time periods—before and after the technology is introduced. This is the most powerful study design because we can see how our metrics change with the introduction of a new technology in a store. Before the tech is installed, we get to see what baseline activity is like for a particular metric, and after the tech is installed we can see its direct impact on our metrics of interest. This also allows us to use significantly smaller sample sizes when compared to a parallel design.The main drawback to this type of design is that it can be a lengthy process to collect information in both periods. Additionally, with this longer timeline, temporal effects may confound your conclusions. The most obvious impact of this effect would be during the holiday season. Did your sales increase due to the new clothing tag allowing for more stock to be available on the shelves, or is it a hot-ticket item? You can compare the results to those from the same period last year for a better comparison since business trends are more similar year to year than month to month.Parallel testing occurs in one time period and compares test stores to untested stores. This allows for a shorter testing period and can help mitigate some of those seasonal effects mentioned before. Again, if we look at a new clothing tag in one store, we can look at the increase in sales and compare that to our control store.However, parallel designs are more subject to external factors that may influence your data. If you have one high-risk store getting a new package wrap and compare it to a similar store that doesn’t have the wrap, there may be major differences between how the stores already protect their packages that could influence the outcome. On top of this, there’s always the Hawthorne effect, where once your store managers realize you are paying extra attention to a particular item, they may go above and beyond to mitigate loss for that item, which impacts all research studies.Did you have to reread those last few paragraphs once or twice to get the gist of it? Designing pilots and testing new technology can be difficult. Thus, there may be a need to bring people on your team who understand the nuances of assessing various treatments in a real-world setting. At my company, we brought on Kyle Grottini, who made sure we could measure a technology’s impact in a scientifically valid manner. This allowed us to predict our shortage reduction and what that return on investment would mean to our bottom line. As I’ve mentioned previously, you can teach a data scientist about LP with relative ease compared to teaching an LP person data science.The Right PersonnelAs data becomes more omnipresent, having a person on your team who can discuss different methods to leverage available information into business insights is invaluable. In addition to using different data sources, they can also work on data visualization, automated reporting, and dashboards for everyone from store associates to the CEO. Having them focus on the data piece not only provides you with new insights, but also allows them to take an objective look at information that may have been treated subjectively otherwise. Although fact-based research is important, rooting research within the practical constraints of your business will be where people with LP experience can exert some guidance for the data people.Being able to forecast loss is much more powerful than reacting to a year-end inventory. Working with the Loss Prevention Research Council, we consider the role of data in the LP industry in both the LP Innovations Working Group and Data Analytics Working Group. The intertwining of fact-based research, data, and LP is coming at you faster than ever before. Do you have the right people in place to deal with the changing tide? Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

16 Dec

CloudShark Brings SaaS to Network Packet Capture Analysis

first_img3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… david strom Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… QA has deep expertise in developing test software that is used by some of the largest ISPs around the world, and they have used this experience with CloudShark. (Great name, BTW.) So now network techs and product testers can run captures using a virtual (or real) PCA-1000 appliance on their network, upload it to a private cloud, and then share the results with management. All the reports are viewed in an ordinary Web browser. The upload process is very flexible: you can provide a URL, email the file, or upload it manually. The CloudShark analysis site has been around for about a year, but the appliance part of the equation is brand new. This is a private cloud solution, so your captures – which often contain very sensitive information such as login credentials and email traffic – aren’t shared with anyone else. Only authorized users are allowed access to the capture files.The appliance costs $10,000 for a virtual edition or $12,000 for a real piece of hardware. That seems pricey, but not when you think about the time saved with your network engineers, and especially if you do a lot of packet capture analyses. The appliance comes with 90 days of technical support and eventually you will be able to purchase it online. You can try out their analysis service by uploading a test Wireshark file here for no charge. Tags:#enterprise#Products#saas Many of you are familiar with the packet capture tools Ethereal, Netscout’s Snifffer or Wireshark. All of these are very useful for debugging network-related problems. The problem is that you have to run one of these tools on a computer with special drivers to enable the capture, and sharing the reports isn’t always easy, especially on mobile devices. What if you could put the captures up in the cloud? Enter the idea behind CloudShark from QA Cafe. IT + Project Management: A Love Affair Related Posts last_img read more

15 Dec

Apple’s App Store Really Doesn’t Seem To Like Pebble Apps

first_imgDo apps that work with Pebble’s smartwatch violate Apple’s App Store guidelines? Apple reportedly says no. But for some reason, the App Store keeps rejecting them anyway.In late April, the App Store rejected a Pebble app called SeaNav US for mentioning Pebble in its metadata. Not long after that story broke, an Apple spokesperson told Business Insider that the company had no policy against Pebble apps. Now another developer’s experience suggests otherwise.Rejections Going OverboardThe latest app to be hit with a rejection is the Swim.com Pebble Uploader, which is like “Strava for swimming,” according to the app’s developer, Davis Wuolle. The app logs how many strokes a Pebble-wearing swimmer takes, plus lap times, pace and distance. The app uses the Pebble Data Logging API to store swim workout files, and wearers can use the Pebble Uploader to beam that data to their Swim.com accounts.Wuolle and his team got the app approved back in October, despite a few problems at first.“They spit it back out several times,” says Wuolle, who believes the App Store’s resolution center didn’t fully understand what the app was supposed to do:They were giving us a hard time about the metadata, so we ended up cleaning all that up, fixed some small bugs that we had, and we got into the submission process probably three or four times before it actually went through.Once he explained the uploader’s sole function to the resolution center, something finally clicked at Apple and the app was approved. “From there we really had no issues submitting updates for it under the same name: Swim.com Pebble Uploader,” Wuolle says.That is, until the app’s most recent update, which added a pop-up notification to tell users that the Uploader would soon be discontinued in favor of a new Swim.com iOS app that supports multiple wearable devices such as the Pebble, Garmin wearables, and the Poolmate Watch.Wuolle submitted the update on April 27, only a few days after Apple stated it wasn’t rejecting apps connected to Pebble. It didn’t take long to get a rejection notice dinging the app for mentioning “irrelevant platform information in its App Name”:The rejection notice from Apple over the Swim.com Pebble Uploader update“We submitted a response in the resolution center saying the app name literally describes exactly what the app does,” says Wuolle, noting that the name—“Swim.com Pebble Uploader”—has remained the same since the app was approved back in October.“Literally nothing changed except for adding this one pop-up,” he says.For now, Wuolle is waiting to hear back from Apple about what—if anything—he can do next. The good news is that the fully featured Swim.com iOS app, for which the Pebble Uploader was just a stopgap solution anyway, is available for his users.“Luckily for us, the app update didn’t contain anything that was critical to users to fix,” he says. “It just contained information about our new app, so they can download our new app.”I’ve reached out to Apple for comment. In the meantime, Wuolle is still optimistic about Swim.com’s future with Apple, and perhaps its presence on an Apple-made wearable someday.“We’re really happy that Apple has launched a wearable,” he says. “Obviously the Apple Watch isn’t waterproof enough to swim with officially, and there are some other constraints regarding that. But our goal for Swim.com is to support every wearable possible, and we really don’t want to be exclusive to anyone. We want Swim.com to be available to swimmers no matter which wearable they choose.”Lead image by Adriana Lee for ReadWrite; other images courtesy of Swim.com You Think Your Employees WANT to Wear That Devi… Related Posts brian p rubin The Key to Mass Adoption of Wearablescenter_img Tags:#App Store#Apple#Davis Wuolle#Pebble#Swim.com#Swim.com Pebble Uploader#wearables How Wearables Will Take Health Monitoring to th… 4 Ways Big Data & VR Are Changing Professi…last_img read more

28 Oct

10 months agoSneijder unsurprised Real Madrid struggling without Ronaldo

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Sneijder unsurprised Real Madrid struggling without Ronaldoby Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveWesley Sneijder isn’t surprised seeing Real Madrid struggle without Cristiano Ronaldo.Sneijder believes Ajax can upset Real in their Champions League round 16 clash.Sneijder told Marca: “I knew that Real Madrid depended a lot on Ronaldo, as he always made the difference. So it hasn’t been a surprise for me. Ronaldo always carried the team on his back and it seems, from what we’ve seen up until now, that Real Madrid depended on him a lot. “If Real Madrid did have him then Ajax’s chances of going through would be significantly reduced.” last_img read more

28 Oct

4 days agoBernard says Everton players behind manager Marco Silva

first_imgBernard says Everton players behind manager Marco Silvaby Paul Vegas4 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveEverton midfielder Bernard says the players are behind manager Marco Silva.Bernard scored in victory over West Ham.”We believe in the quality, knowledge and professionalism of Marco Silva,” Bernard said.”We have the quality, we are a good team with excellent players and know we should be doing better.”My immediate objective is for Everton to get out of the position we are in. But my main focus is to help the team by scoring goals, to help Everton achieve things.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

27 Oct

All-Big 12 Oklahoma CB Jordan Thomas Arrested On Charges Of Public Intoxication, Assault & Battery

first_imgOklahoma starting cornerback Jordan Thomas was arrested early Thursday morning on charges of public intoxication and assault & battery. Thomas appears in the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office desk blotter after being filed at 2:45 a.m.jordan thomas oklahoma arrest This is Thomas’ second arrest in the last eight months. On December 13, he spent a night in jail for failing to appear in court for traffic violations. Thomas was named to the All-Big 12 first team by ESPN, and second team by the Associate Press and Phil Steele last season.[Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office]MORE FROM COLLEGE SPUN:The 10 Most Aggressive Fan Bases In CFBIn Photos: Golfer Paige SpiranacESPN Makes Decision On Dick Vitalelast_img read more

18 Sep

Report Salah to succeed Messi in 2019

first_imgAccording to reports in Spain, Mo Salah has emerged as Messi’s successor and will arrive in 2019.Don Balon reports that Barcelona are ready to pay 250 million euros to capture the signing of Mo Salah to replace Leo Messi.The La Liga Champions will try their luck with Kylian Mbappé in case the Financial Fair Play rule forces Paris Saint Germain to sell the French striker, however, the world cup winner is not Barça’s ultimate choice to replace Leo Messi.Roberto Firmino, LiverpoolVirgil van Dijk praises Roberto Firmino after Liverpool’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Virgil van Dijk hailed team-mate Roberto Firmino after coming off the bench to inspire Liverpool to a 3-1 comeback win against Newcastle United.The Catalans are targetting the entire African football market with the signing Mohamed Salah who has already established himself as an absolute star in the Premier League and has the same status at the continental level.The rise of the Liverpool forward has been phenomenal and the club has already told manager Valverde that next season they will be going for him, also putting in consideration the age and the inevitable drop in performance of Luis Suarez.last_img read more