3 Mar

Armin Van Buuren to Play Six Hour “Armin Only” Sets in the US in 2014

first_imgArmin van Buuren fans, you’re in luck. It’s been officially announced that the United States should expect to see more of the trance-star in long doses coming 2014. Armin Only is when Armin plays a 6 hour spectacle. Expect to be blown away by stunning live performances, dancing acts and of course the rare opportunity to enjoy a 6 hour set of the number one DJ in the world!After selling out “Armin Only” in Amsterdam for November 15th and 16th Armin has been quoted as saying  that the US version of “Armin Only” can be expected:“Definitely in 2014, it depends on venues, it depends on availability, it’ll depend on the promoters.”Armin played for 9 hours straight of him alone at the last one. You can take a look at the 2008 DVD for “Armin Only” below:(cut to 33 minutes to witness how truly awesome this spectacle is)Read the original article here.last_img read more

3 Mar

Official Umphrey’s McGee Afterparty ft. Wyllys w/ Joel Cummins (Space Disco Reunion!) and FiKus, 1/17

first_imgL4LM is proud to present the Official Umphrey’s McGee Afterparty, featuring the musical stylings of Wyllys and FiKus. Special guest Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee will be joining Wyllys for a Space Disco reunion. It will be the first time the two have played together since Jam Cruise 11. Newton Crosby guitarist Chris Cartelli will be joining Space Disco as well.The event, which will be held at the nearby B.B. King Blues Club, begins immediately after the UM concert on 1/17 at the Beacon Theatre. The show begins at 12:30 AM, with Wyllys opening the show with a DJ set to get the party underway. He will be followed by a live, full band set by FiKus, and, finally, the show concludes with a second Wyllys DJ set. That’s right! It’s a FiKus sandwich on Wyllys bread, and we couldn’t be more excited.Tickets go on sale tomorrow (1/7) at noon, and can be purchased by following this link to the BB King’s website.For a limited time only, tickets will be priced at $10 without Ticketmaster fees. The price will rise to $15 shortly thereafter, still without Ticketmaster fees for a limited time. Bottom line: act quickly.Recap: Official Umphrey’s McGee Afterparty ft. Wyllys w/ Joel Cummins of Umphrey’s McGee for a special Space Disco reunion and FiKus at BB King Blues Club, January 17th. $15 in advance, $17 at the door. Tickets are currently on sale. Can’t wait to see you there!last_img read more

3 Mar

Watch: Joe Russo Sits-In With A Japanese Grateful Dead Tribute Band

first_imgFurthur drummer Joe Russo was spotted the other night, performing with the Tokyo Warlocks at a Grateful Dead Night in a local bar in Tokyo. The drummer was in Tokyo, performing with the Shpongle Live Band, and happened to have Sunday night off. You can watch as he performs “Cassidy,” “Bertha” (with rare, Japanese lyrics), and “Johnny B. Goode.”Enjoy!last_img

3 Mar

Robert Plant – lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar [Review]

first_imgRobert Plant is a true example of a veteran in the music business. Constantly creating and redefining, the Led Zeppelin frontman’s 10th solo album, lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar is definitive proof of Plant’s sustainability. While some older artists (Plant is 66) have trouble breaking from their familiar sound (see Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen), The Ceaseless Roar explores a mixture of new and familiar musical terrains.Plant has made headlines for criticizing former bandmate Jimmy Page for a lack of musical creativity since their Zeppelin days. While Page busily remixes and rereleases classic Zeppelin albums, not that we’re complaining, Plant has continued to push himself creatively. He earned a Grammy award for a collaboration with bluegrass artist Allison Krauss in 2008, and has drawn from all sorts of influences to continually produce new music.lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar succeeds as an album for this very reason. The first album with his new band, The Sensational Shapeshifters, draws from African and world roots, all the while retaining the awe-inspiring power of Plant’s vocals. He may not be able to sing like he could in his twenties, but don’t let the man’s age fool you- he’s still Robert Plant. On slower ballads, like “A Stolen Kiss,” Plant’s vocals yearn with desperation and gloom. On faster tunes, like “Turn It Up,” Plant’s voice is a triumphant, yet subdued, expression of all things rock and roll.The songs feature a diverse array of instrumentation, opening with a kologo (an African banjo-derivative) included in a rendition of the folk standard “Little Maggie.” Of course, the guitar is featured, but its use is punctuated. Unlike the heavy guitarwork of Zeppelin, on The Ceaseless Roar, the guitar is just one of many emotive tools. Percussion is prevalent on a handful of tunes, including “Poor Howard” and “Turn It Up.” Some Eastern string instruments are used as well, wading through quarter step tones to deliver an exotic edge.When Rolling Stone pressed Plant about his disinterest in a Led Zeppelin reunion, Plant said, “Do you know why the Eagles reunited? It wasn’t for the money. It was because they were bored. I’m not bored.” lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar is surefire evidence of this claim. The album flows like a river, with sincerely intriguing tides at every turn. This is a fantastic album; one that is sure to be discussed for many years to come.Check out “Rainbow” for a taste of this album’s sound.-David Melamed (@DMelamz)last_img read more

3 Mar

L4LM Exclusive Premiere: ‘Stand Beside Yourself’ by Congo Sanchez (Drummer of Thievery Corporation)

first_imgCongo Sanchez is the alias of Thievery Corporation drummer/multi-instrumentalist Jeff Franca. Congo, alongside the bandmates of his self-titled project, Haile Supreme and Flex Matthews, will release their debut album, Dealin With This later this month. L4LM is excited to debut a track from the album, “Stand Beside Yourself.”Since the inception of the collective, Haile Supreme, Flex Matthews, and Congo Sanchez have been writing together, collaborating on new ideas, and reworking old sketches into fruition. “Stand Beside Yourself” is a brand new collaboration that features a fresh take on rhythm, paying homage to the bands love for dub style music. Haile’s soaring vocal depicts a message of humility and understanding. It is a humble response to the various facets of our world that continue to condemn others who come from a different culture or belief system.The song is about a moment outside of thyself, a pure moment where all is seen for its true purpose not monetary or political value. Special Guest Ras Nebyu continues with a verse describing his process for which he achieves these moments in his own life, and the struggle that sometimes arises when he tries to stand beside his-self. Polished off with a blend of live and electronic sounds, the moments created musically in this track are equally as euphoric as that moment when you can truly remove and reflect.Check out Congo Sanchez’s upcoming tour schedule below:last_img read more

3 Mar

Former Cake Drummer Sentenced To 15 Years To Life For Child Molestation

first_imgThe former drummer of Cake, Pete McNeal, has been sentenced to 15 years to life in a California state prison for molesting a 3-year-old girl in 2009.McNeal was found guilty of “one count of oral copulation of a child 10 years old or younger” last year, referring to an event that occurred at a Thanksgiving party in 2009. He was previously charged with attempting to molest a 6-year-old while volunteering at a school and sentenced to three years probation, just two weeks after the Thanksgiving event. He will have to register as a sex offender for life.McNeal played with Cake from 2001-2004 after replacing founding drummer Todd Roper. He has also played with Norah Jones and Mike Doughty.last_img read more

3 Mar

Slightly Stoopid’s Closer To The Sun Festival Reveals Lineup

first_imgThe second annual Closer to the Sun festival produced and headlined by Slightly Stoopid will take place in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, December 15-19. The destination festival will see sets from Soja, Iration, Pepper and Ozomatli, as well as special guests G. Love, Don Carlos, Karl Denson and Ian Neville. Get tickets and more info here.Slightly Stoopid will release their first new studio album in three years, Meanwhile… Back At The Lab, on June 30th.last_img

3 Mar

Listen To The Rockin’ New Gary Clark Jr. Single, ‘Hold On’

first_imgGary Clark Jr. has released another single off of his newest album The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim, set to be released September 11th. The new track “Hold On” comes on the back of Clark releasing the opening track to the new album “The Healing.” Additionally, for those who pre-order the album right now, Clark will be offering digital downloads of two more singles, “Grinder” and the aforementioned “The Healing.”Take a listen to “Hold On” below:last_img

3 Mar

Watch Highlights From Vulfpeck’s Impressive Debut At Brooklyn Bowl

first_imgLast weekend, the illustrious Vulfpeck made their impressive debut at Brooklyn Bowl. Marked by energetic performing and perfect song selection, the band lived up to their reputation and brought the packed house to their knees.Thanks to the ever vigilant recording of Lazylightning55a, we now have videos from this exciting show. Check out the footage from the performance below.Catch Vulfpeck back at the Bowl tonight with special guest Adam Deitch of Lettuce (limited admission at doors). The show will also be available to webcast.“Outro” > “Cory Wong Jam”“Fugue State” > “My First Car”Stay tuned for more footage and coverage from Vulfpeck’s Brooklyn Bowl performances!last_img read more

2 Mar

Genetics key in new knowledge about complex diseases

first_imgGenetic researchers crossed a critical threshold last year in their ability to understand complex diseases, posting a number of new discoveries that advanced knowledge of ailments caused by small contributions from multiple genes, the environment, and other causes.Assistant Professor of Medicine Mark J. Daly, a researcher at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital, said April 10 that though science had become adept in recent years at finding the roots of diseases caused by single genes, more complex ailments such as type 2 diabetes and Crohn’s disease had eluded analysis.As technology has advanced, however, so has the ability to analyze many genes at once — between populations of people afflicted with the disease and those who are not — for associations with specific diseases. In 2007, Daly said, science reached a watershed moment, with several studies revealing the presence of multiple genes that have small effects on several diseases.“We have clearly crossed a critical threshold in our ability to discover genes for common diseases,” Daly said.Daly made his comments as the opening speaker of a two-day symposium sponsored by the Harvard University Center for AIDS Research, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and the Harvard Initiative for Global Health. The symposium, called “Human Genomics: Advances and Opportunities in HIV/AIDS Research,” was held at the New Research Building at Harvard Medical School on April 10 and at the Broad Institute on April 11.The symposium, held annually, brought together researchers in a variety of fields to discuss recent advances in genetic studies. Speakers discussed topics including natural selection’s effect on the genome, population structure and ancestry in genetic disease association studies, and pharmacogenomics.Daly was introduced by Professor of Medicine Bruce Walker, director of the Harvard University Center for AIDS Research. The symposium topic was chosen, Walker said, because it was clear that genomics was playing a huge role in disease research.Though genomics has been said to herald a day of personalized medicine, where treatments are tailored to each person’s unique genetic and physical makeup, in actuality, genomics’ most important use will be to understand the biological causes of diseases in humans, Daly said.A development that helped researchers, Daly said, was that humans turned out to not be very genetically diverse. While geographic diversity often means genetic diversity, humanity’s spread around the globe was so rapid that there wasn’t time for a lot of genetic diversity to develop.While technology has allowed researchers to find many new genes implicated in complex diseases, these new genes tend to explain just a small part of the disease’s heredity. These ailments, such as Crohn’s disease, result from a complex interplay between environment and several different genes that each affect whether and how someone develops an illness.“We began to find quite a significant number of disease genes, each of which explains a small part of heritability of Crohn’s disease,” Daly said.Though each of these genes plays just a small role in the disease, Daly said, they are all critical in our understanding of the ailment. The insight gained by studying them could lead to a novel approach to treatment.“What matters in these studies is the insight into disease mechanism,” Daly said, adding that after decades of toil to understand the genetic roots of disease, the work is now bearing fruit. “We’ve clearly gotten over some hump of identifying genes that underlie complex diseases.”[email protected]last_img read more