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Management (Instruction of classes in Japanese) * Management 1

first_imgApril 5, 2021ALCANTARA Lailani L.Dean, College of International ManagementDean, Graduate School of ManagementRitsumeikan Asia Pacific UniversityTo whom it may concern:Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University: Call for FacultyApplicationsI hope this letter finds you well. The College of InternationalManagement, which is among the upperechelon of business schools worldwide accredited by the Associationto Advance Collegiate Schools ofBusiness (AACSB), is currently recruiting faculty for the followingposition. I kindly request that youprovide this information to any interested individuals.1. Field, Number of Positions, and Type ofEmployment:Field: Management (Instruction of classes in Japanese) * Management1Number of Positions: 1Type of EmploymentFixed-term (tenure-track) faculty member* The candidate may be hired as a tenured faculty member dependingon his or her work experience andachievements.PositionProfessor, Associate Professor, or Assistant Professor* The position will depend on work history and achievements. Thecandidate will be notified of the positionwhen the hiring decision is made.Subjects and Other Qualifications Can teach the subjects of Human Resource Management,Introduction to Management, Family Business,Strategic Management, Logical Thinking and other relatedsubjects.Can supervise undergraduate theses.Can contribute to the university’s research profile by conductingresearch in the stated field.Committed to assurance of learning and fulfilling the standards foraccreditation.Ability to teach in English is an advantage, but not required.Application RequirementsThe candidate must meet Requirement (1) or (2) as wellas Requirement (3) below.(1) Possesses a doctoral degree in management (or is scheduled toobtain one within one year of appointment) and has experiencepublishing articles in peer-reviewed journals.(2) Possesses a master’s degree in management and at least fiveyears of practical experience in a management position (Director(bucho in Japanese) or higher) in a government agency,international organization, or company and has experiencepublishing books, articles, and/or reports in the field ofmanagement.(3) Agrees with the basic ideals, key objectives, and uniquefeatures of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and is enthusiasticabout teaching at APU.2. Appointment Date: April 1, 2022 or October 1,20213. Period of Appointment:Five years (fixed-term faculty member in accordance with the Act onTerm of Office of UniversityTeachers, etc.)The Tenure-Track SystemThe fixed-term faculty members hired under the tenure-track systemare subject to an internal review of their performance ineducation, research, and university administration around thefourth year after their appointment. If the results of the reviewmeet the criteria set out in the internal regulations, the facultymember may be eligible for a change of status to tenured faculty,which guarantees them stable employment without fixed term untiltheir retirement age, or for reemployment as a fixed-term facultymember (it depends on the position at the time of appointment). Theevaluation of research performance at our university will be basedmainly on peer-reviewed publications.The retirement age for tenured faculty is 65 for professors and 60for associate professors.4. Employment Conditions:Based on University regulations. Support for research is alsoavailable (e.g., payment ofindividual research material expenses and research travelexpenses).5. Affiliation: College of InternationalManagement6. Expected Qualifications:(1) Because the university employs a dual language educationsystem, candidates are expectedto be able to communicate in both Japanese and English to fulfilltheir official duties.(2) Candidates are also expected to partake in universityadministration in addition to teachingand research.7. Required Documents: Please submit one copy ofeach of the required documents.Please download items (1) through (6) and (13) as well asinstructions for their completionfrom the homepage below.URL: www.apu.ac.jp > “Jobs at APU”(1) Curriculum vitae with applicant’s signature or printed namewith a seal (hanko) [Form1](2) Education, Employment and Research Experience [Form 1](3) List of Major Education/Research Projects and OtherAchievements [Form 2](4) Microsoft Word files of Items (1) through (3) on CD-R (no needfor signature andseal (hanko))(5) Language Proficiency Report [Form 3](6) Potential Courses of Instruction [Form 4](7) Statement of Intent for Application [No set format](8) Teaching Statement (explaining teaching beliefs, learningobjectives, and practices)[No set format](9) Copies of three major publications (books or articles).Photocopies are acceptable.(10) Summary of the publications indicated in Item (9)Length: Up to 100 words in English or 400 characters in Japanesefor each publication [No setformat](11) Letters of Recommendation: At least 2 (The letters must denotethe relationshipbetween recommender and candidate. Please submit original versionsof the letters insealed envelopes.) [No set format](12) Proof of highest level of education (Copy of diploma isacceptable)(13) Checklist for Document Submission [Form 5]* After sending the items (1) through (13) by post, please respondpromptly to thefollowing survey replying that you have submitted them.https://survey2.apu.ac.jp/limesurvey/index.php/798883?lang=enImportant* Application documents can be submitted in either Japanese orEnglish, but to facilitatethe screening process, English versions of Items (1), (2), (3),(7), (8), and (10) arerequired. Please submit documents in both languages wherepossible.* If required during the screening process, candidates may berequested to provideadditional details on past educational and researchachievements.Once a decision has been made on a candidate’s appointment, he orshe will be requiredto complete a health check using the university’s officialform.* Please note that all documents you submit cannot be returned. Anypersonal informationthat has been provided in the application will be handled with theutmost care inaccordance with university regulations. The information will not beused for any otherpurpose than to screen candidates for employment.8. Application Deadline: Friday, May 14, 2021(Applications must be sent by post and arrive by this date)9. Please submit completed application packetsto:Attn.: Personnel Affairs Supervisor, Academic OfficeRitsumeikan Asia Pacific University1-1 Jumonjibaru, Beppu City, Oita Pref. 874-8577* Please be sure to send your application by registered mail(e.g., kakitome yubin in Japan) andmark “APM (Management 1) Faculty Member ApplicationEnclosed(Japanese)” in red on theenvelope.* Inquiries: NAGAMATSUAcademic OfficeRitsumeikan Asia Pacific UniversityEmail: [email protected]: Application for APM (Management 1) FacultyPosition(Japanese)10. Other:(1) During your interview, you will be asked to give a mock lectureto the interviewers.(2) Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University is a smoke-free campus.There are no smoking areason campus.Please refer to the APU homepage (www.apu.ac.jp) for moreinformation on the university.last_img

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