9 Dec

Parents Are Happier Than Non-Parents

first_imgLiveScience:Parents may not be the overtired, overworked and all-around miserable individuals they are sometimes made out to be, suggests new research finding Mom and Dad (particularly fathers) experience greater levels of happiness and meaning from life than non-parents.“This series of studies suggest that parents are not nearly the ‘miserable creatures’ we might expect from recent studies and popular representations,” study researcher Elizabeth Dunn, of the University of British Columbia, in Canada, said in a statement. “If you went to a large dinner party, our findings suggest that the parents in the room would be as happy or happier than those guests without children.”Even so, Dunn told LiveScience, “We’re not saying parents are walking around in this amazing state of bliss either.”Read the whole story: LiveScience More of our Members in the Media >last_img

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