8 Dec

Don’t Just Learn From Failure; Learn From Your Successes

first_imgBut when it comes to success, companies rarely feel the urge to stop and see what they can learn from their experience, and what they may want to change. Rather, the instinct is to assume that if they succeeded, all is good with the world. What did we do right? Everything. What did we do wrong? Nothing. What a missed opportunity that is. In fact, it almost guarantees that success will eventually breed not more success, but failure. For many of us—no matter where we work or what we do—nothing feels as good as success. And for many of us, nothing is more harmful to our growth and development With that in mind, here are guidelines I’ve culled from my research for the best ways to put successes under a microscope—and make future successes a lot more likely. Read the whole story: The Wall Street Journal More of our Members in the Media > To understand why this is, compare success to failure. Companies tell their employees over and over again to embrace your failures, to ask yourselves what went wrong and to take advantage of all the learning opportunities that failure affords.last_img

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