17 Sep

Stepan Hindlian: We are ready for anything to save Levski

first_imgThe chairman of the NAC of Levski – Stepan Hindlian, announced after the General Assembly of the club that everything possible is being done to save the “blues”. He also commented on the Phoenix plan.“It was clear to everyone, we sat down and started making a plan to get out of the situation and to attract investors. To some extent, this thing is being realized because more than BGN 2 million has been raised because of the Trust. Something that was acknowledged by CEO Pavel Kolev. He admitted that without the boys from the Trust this would not have been possible. ”Nasko Sirakov: Only together we can get Levski on its feet and make it fly“Supporters are unparalleled in the last five months” “Mr. Sirakov took the majority stake. He asked us for help. Many things were discussed. One of them was that the club does not have the administrative capacity to deal with several main areas of financial health of the club. Outside the sports and technical part We sat down and worked out how to make this happen – the Phoenix plan. There will be several units. The first is the financial and economic unit. One person became part of the supervisory board. The other I understood was nominated for finance minister – Alexander Chakarov. conversation with Mr. Sirakov and he was satisfied with his expertise.There will also be PR and media, merchandiser, legal and high-tech unit.This will be a platform on which to base a program to work in benefit of the club. To unite the Levski society virally. All these areas are staffed – not by fans, but by professionals “.“All these activities should bring income to the club. All people who have taken this activity will work for free for the first 3 months. 95% of the income should go to the club. That was the idea of ​​this document. Everyone decides whether to accept it or not. No. This is the only written plan to get out of the crisis in Levski – there is no other. This group of people has achieved something significant so far – a breakthrough in TV rights. ”Levski channel can solve the case with the TV rightsThis was revealed by Vasil Kolev“As much as some people want to give us definitions of sources, we are first and foremost Levski players and our club is dying. Action must be taken. Our critics have suggested making aromatizers, like a pine tree. They will include a penny from every pine tree sold “.“It helps completely free of charge. We are ready to do anything to save the club. The document has not been signed, it is not a problem and it should not be. We did not discuss it given the position expressed by the organization with the wrestlers. This is the only program, another There is no other offer, but if it appears it is better, it should be accepted by the club. There is a misconception that the fans entered the management, that they would receive money “The financial director works in a big company and can leave to come to Levski to work without money. We are talking about a professional team to generate income at the club. We are talking about 24-hour work,” Hindlian added.Levski is certainly starting the new season, it is not clear with which players“We will part with players whose salaries are too high for the opportunities that the club currently has”last_img

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