26 Aug

“The Leftovers” will depart on an “epic note” with Sunday’s series finale, says star Justin Theroux

first_imgABC Radio(LOS ANGELES) — The Leftovers will depart from our TVs when the series finale airs this Sunday on HBO. When it came time to read the final script, star Justin Theroux says he and his cast mates were “nervous.”“We also, like everyone else I think, go, ‘How do you wrap this up? How do you finish this show off?’” Theroux tells ABC Radio’s Lynda Lopez. “But then we got it and we all read it that weekend, and we were just so pleasantly surprised, ’cause it ends on such…an epic note.”The Leftovers is about a reality in which two per cent of the population completely vanishes from the Earth in an event known as the Sudden Departure. The show follows Kevin Garvey, played by Theroux, and his family as they try to deal with the grief and confusion left behind. As for the finale, Theroux says it won’t solve the mystery of the Sudden Departure, nor will it satisfy every viewer.“Inevitably it will be debated, because if it’s not, then we’ve done something wrong,” he says. “If everyone is satisfied, it’s not gonna be interesting. So this show is kinda known for taking big swings in particular episodes, and I think this is a big swing.”The Leftovers ends after three seasons, which is fine by Theroux.“It’s not the kind of show that you wanna wring eight seasons out of or 10 seasons, or even five,” he says. “‘Cause it’s a pretty dense show.”While Theroux knows how The Leftovers will end, his wife Jennifer Aniston knows as little as the rest of us. “She’s a big fan of the show, so she actually doesn’t wanna know anything,” says Theroux. “Sometimes she won’t even run lines with me, ’cause she’s like ‘I don’t wanna know anything about this!’”Copyright © 2017, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.Powered by WPeMatico Relatedlast_img

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