18 Jan


first_img…on 9/11America has to be the most fertile ground for “conspiracy theories” (CTs) to flourish. And it’s not only in California, long regarded as the land of “fruits and nuts”!! One wonders “why”. Fifty-three years after JFK was gunned down in Dallas, the word is still out that there was a “third man” on some grassy knoll that actually did the dirty deed. And the identity of that “third man”? CIA still heads the list.But the events of 9/11 gave rise to such a slew of “conspiracy theories”, just following up on them gave rise to a whole new cottage industry that provided employment to thousands – not to mention grist for the sensationalist media. What are some of these theories and what are their status up to now? Do they have the shelf life of the JFK mystery?One of the most sensational ones was that 4000 Jewish persons stayed away from the World Trade Center (WTC) on that fateful day – either from their jobs or from appointments. That one is still alive and kicking, since no one has provided an exhaustive list of all the persons who were supposed to be at the WTC – but came out with a list of the 400 Jews that DID perish. The conspirationists deny that the first claim is destroyed by the second fact!The second big CT is that burning jet fuel doesn’t create the 2700F temperatures that can melt steel – and that the towers were brought down by “controlled explosions”. Now most have looked again and again at those steel beams collapsing like wet noodles and it’s hard not to demand some credible explanation. The explanation that the 1700F max temp can SOFTEN steel and create the meltdown hasn’t managed to convince the diehards.Another popular CT was based on the fact that even though it was CONFIRMED that four planes had been hijacked, NOT A SINGLE fighter plane was scrambled from the 28 bases within range!! The “explanation” that there was no computer network or alarm system designed to alert the central command of NORAD about the hijackings and that they had to be dialled manually still hasn’t cut any ice with anyone!Another fact that strained credulity and begged for CTs was that the holes at the Pentagon made by the 125 ft place were only 125 and 12 feet wide. That the wings might have fallen off hasn’t been shown by the evidence. That there was absolutely NO debris from a plane at the Pentagon didn’t help.So where does that leave us? Well, two years later, we had the second Gulf War that is still continuing under ISIS!!…in GuyanaNever let it be said we don’t strain mightily to imitate the developed countries – first Britain and then the US. From the Brits, we still insist executive compensation packages include “leave passages”. This, of course, goes back to the British colonial elite workers getting their “leave passages” to return “home”.From the Americans we adopted “Conspiracy Theories”. Well…not “we”, but mostly the PPP. Jagan was the first to go off on this tangent when he carried on and on about the Americans throwing him out of office! Some of his followers still can’t get it that an elephant doesn’t take any notice of gnats.Then Jagan carried on about his arch-rival Burnham “rigging elections” to keep himself in office! He just couldn’t get himself to accept that because – as Burnham put it – the PNC had brought “Peace Not Conflict” (which forms the acronym “PNC) he could routinely get 97% votes from the grateful populace!!They’re so colonial about these CTs, aren’t they?!?…on corruption advocatesOur Finance Minister just can’t identify the “corruption advocates. Several fellas have appended their names when they identity corrupt activities by several government operatives.Is there a conspiracy to keep the “advocates’” names from the Finance Minister?last_img

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