14 Jan

Opposition Leader and PPP are the barrier to a dictatorship Government

first_imgDear Editor,After almost three years of Local Government Elections in Guyana, Guyanese believe that many local issues would have been resolved. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. The question is: what differences have Local Government Elections and governance made to our lives and communities?I am absolutely sure that nothing much has changed in your communities or lives, but it is absolutely necessary to ensure that you continue to vote, in order for you to be protected against any increase in rates and taxes or any additional burdens by this coalition Government.The Government’s policies of modernising the country local system of democracy are nothing but increased hardship and burdens. Since the Local Government Elections of 2016, the coalition Government has refused to increase and delay subventions to assist LAA areas, but has insisted that rates and taxes’ increases is the solutions to various issues within these areas.This contributed significantly to the decline of the local authority areas, some areas are even worse than before 2016, with clogged drains, deplorable streets, garbage disposal crisis etc., and this continues to plague all the NDCs and municipalities across the country.Even the municipalities and NDC that are governed by the APNU/AFC coalition Government, where they imposed 100 per cent increases in rates and taxes, nothing has changed.The reason why the APNU/AFC coalition Government is trying to impose local democracy pressure on the Guyanese people is because of the numerous failures of the Government to deliver; as such, they are using the local authorities’ management as a scapegoat, to hide their incompetence and mismanagement.If the APNU/AFC were serious about the success of the LAA areas, then they would pump more resources into the LAA areas to satisfy the needs of the grassroots people.Remember that Local Government Elections are just the renewal of Local Democracy.Guyanese should recognise that the only hindrance for the APNU/AFC to become a total dictatorship Government is the Opposition Leader, Cde Bharrat Jagdeo, and the Peoples Progressive Party.Regards,Zamal Hussainlast_img

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