2 Oct

Budget Balance Time for Ferron City

ETV News stock photo.By Julie JohansenIt is that time of year again when cities need to balance next year’s budget. Ferron City spent part of its June council meeting considering these items. It was stated that interest rates are up and the golf course is still running at a deficit. Utility funds coming to the city are about the same and capital projects should increase because money set aside for sidewalks did not get used and will be moved to capital funds, which will help the golf course and other capital expenditures. The city recorder was given the authority to balance and amend the budget.It was also discussed that the Urban Deer Program was not met with as much opposition as expected. The Division of Wildlife Resources reported that more complaints were received in Ferron than any other city in Emery County. Citizens with complaints can call city hall, then the city will send someone out to set up traps and euthanize the animals. When asked about transporting/transplanting, the response was that they did not want to spread diseases. Trapping can only be done in months when natural migration would send deer back into the mountains. An ordinance needs to be passed by the council before this can begin.The next item discussed was that all the bids that have been received for the new welcome sign are much more than the $3,000 the city has budgeted for. There will have to be fundraising and donations, it was explained, to make the sign a reality. KayLynn Winn has donated a painting and Kathy Perkins gave a two-night stay in her bed and breakfast.Next, citizen concerns included Maurice Anderson wanting improvements for the street and sidewalk by his home. The planning commission will have to review the sidewalk plans for the city before a decision is made.In looking forward to Peach Days, new restrictions were placed on the parade. Now, only walkers can throw candy and if a vehicle is towing something, no one can ride in the back of that truck.To conclude, the mayor reported that a Fun N Golf Day is planned for June 24. Foot golf should be in place by then. Free hot dogs and chips, cornhole, snag golf and cart rides will be available.

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