21 Sep

The best strangest and geekiest movies that Netflix is about to lose

first_imgStarting this Thursday, you will see a changed Netflix. As the service’s streaming deal with Starz expires, an abundance of movies will be disappearing. Though there will still be plenty of movies on Netflix, the service will be left to rely more on its TV shows and original programming (you know… Lilyhammer). You’ll have just a day or so to watch the best of over 840 movies that are about to ride off into the sunset.Let’s take a look at some of the best, geekiest, and most notable Starz flicks that you can watch before they disappear from everyone’s favorite streaming video service…Toy Story 3So maybe Pixar’s franchise is a bit past its prime, but that didn’t stop this blockbuster from becoming the top-grossing film of 2010 (receiving many positive reviews in the process). Children — and adults who appreciate a good children’s movie — will want to get their Toy Story on before Thursday, when this classic is put in the attic.ScarfaceYou only have one more day to say hello to this little friend.Young FrankensteinMel Brooks’s classic Young Frankenstein will, sadly, be parting ways with Netflix as well. The above clip, however, will be eternally enshrined in film history.Tron: LegacyThough reactions were mixed to this Tron sequel, made nearly 30 years after the 1982 original, it’s still Tron, and it’s CG Jeff Bridges. That’s enough for any geek or sci-fi fan to appreciate.BeetlejuiceTim Burton’s classic, starring Michael Keaton in one of his most memorable performances, will be shake, shake, shaking (señora) out of Netflix’s queue later this week.HackersSomehow we doubt Anonymous looks anything like this, but this 1995 flick is still notable for a) featuring a 20-year-old Angelina Jolie, and b) putting hacking in the Hollywood spotlight long before it made regular headlines.HellboyGuillermo Del Toro’s adaptation of the iconic comic series will be going straight to hell (or at least leaving Netflix) after February ends. This will be a particularly hard loss for us geeks.Jingle all the WayRemember back when Ah-nold alternated between over-the-top action blockbusters, and over-the-top campy family movies? Yeah, this was one of the latter.Starz list via TV & Movies Nowlast_img

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