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Best 2Player Board Games

first_img Everyone loves board games and tabletop games, but too often there are so many out there that it’s hard to choose one to play. Which ones should you buy on your own or for your tabletop game-loving friends? Never fear, we’ve got what you need right here — a gift guide to ensure players of every taste has a chance at finding something they enjoy. Whether you’re buying for friends or family, you can use this guide as a great jumping-off point. Specifically, we think these are some of the best 2-player board games. While they may work great with large groups, and may even require some rejiggering to work for head-to-head match-ups, we think these games make for delightful duels.Star Wars: RebellionIf you’ve got a lot of time, friends, and pocket cash, this Star Wars adventure is as meaty as they come, and you’ll need to spare several hours if you want to play it with friends, but it’s all totally worth it in the end.Pandemic LegacyIf you’ve played the original Pandemic, Pandemic Legacy is somewhat similar, but it’s a whole cluster of games culled into one campaign. It evolves as you play, just like the virus you’re looking to control.King of New YorkThe sequel to Richard Garfield’s King of Tokyo follows a scrappy band of monsters all vying to be the king of, well, New York! Into monster movies and things of that nature? This is definitely going to be up your alley.Smash UpShufflebuilding is the name of the game when it comes to Smash Up, where you literally shuffle up two decks in an attempt to beat out your opponents with pirates, dinosaurs, zombies and more!Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card GamePlayers compete in this adorable video game-styled adventure to create their own harrowing dungeon to keep players out, while playing as game bosses. It’s a very clever idea, especially when Heroes end up playing through the boss dungeons you’ve built up!Coup (The Dystopian Universe)Coup is a game where you’re basically the head of a family in an Italian city-state where your aim is to come into power by destroying other ruling families’ influence. It may sound strange, but it’s actually a nuanced and exciting game where you’re always kept guessing.Rick and Morty Total RickallThis game based on the Rick and Morty episode of the same name pits players against each other while trying to figure out if they’re a real person or a parasite trying to get one over on everyone else. If you love Rick and Morty, you’ll love this!Exploding KittensDespite the somewhat inflammatory name of the game, this isn’t really about making kittens explode unless you draw one anyway. It’s a little like Russian Roulette, as the game’s instructions state, where players could eventually draw said exploding kittens and lose the entire game. Yikes.Glory To RomeAs a rare board game, Glory To Rome is about as complex and decadent as its titular fallen empire. But with so many options and creative ways to express yourself, you do feel like a Caesar-level genius when victory is yours and not your commoner friend’s. Just watch out for knives in your back around March.Betrayal At House on the HillThis haunted house building game pits players against each other, when one of the characters ends up betraying the rest and everyone left has to figure out who did it. It’s a strategic classic, and a game that should be in any board game lover’s collection.Gloom (2nd Edition)Weave the saddest tale you can for these dark and depressing families as they meet their “untimely” ends. It may sound terrible, but without sadness can we ever really appreciate the happiness that is playing Gloom?That’s our list of the best 2-player board games. For more on tabletop games check out our list of the best board games and these spooky Halloween tabletop games. Stay on target Real-Life CIA Card Game Makes Toppling Governments Fun!Custom 4K D&D Tabletop Touchscreen is the RPG Missing Link last_img

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