31 Aug

Move over Majnu modern day Laila cares only about money

first_imgThe story has gone down in history as an epitome of true love. But did it ever cross your mind how the serious topic could be given an amusing twist and showcased in a jocular manner?Pankaj Kaintura took to himself the daring task of blending the true tale of love with the right amount of humour. The result was a play Dastaan-e-Laila which was performed at Akshara Theatre in the national Capital on Sunday. While Majnu (here Jugnu) is seen as a mad, unconditional lover, Laila on the flip side is materialistic by nature. She wishes to marry a man who can provide her money as it is the be all and end all for Laila. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The conversation between Jugnu and Manchala, Laila’s would-be husband, was at its best where the audience just couldn’t hold back their laughter for a nanosecond. Laila played by Rukhsar Khan was prompt with her dialogue delivery, while Jugnu played the perfect ‘Majnu’. Manchala was perfect at adding humour. Thus, nowhere does the play lose its intent to tickle the funny bone of the audience.From the glitter in Laila’s attire to the rags worn by Jugnu and  also the nawabi black suit of Chotte Nawab with his white beard, the costumes well-complimented the play.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThe lights had also been taken good care of by decreasing the brightness when Laila performs her mujra and simultaneously increased when the dialogues were delivered.The play added strokes of humour with Sher-o-Shayari delivered from time to time. This story of Laila-Majnu was depicted from the modern day perspective of love, that left the audience pleasantly surprised. Aspirations of modern day Laila, as the play intended to show, came out perfectly. Each character played their part well. The hour-long play kept the audience glued to their seats throughout. The climax, when all characters come to the fore, where Laila is in a ‘trilemma’ and has to choose from Chotte Nawab, Jugnu and Manchala  is worth watching for to see how she chooses money over everything else. The play ends on a funny note with the song ‘Paisa Paisa’ from the movie De Dana Dan to personify the new-age Laila.last_img

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