15 Jul

The garbage station is doomed to fail

talked to a client today, and he mentioned how the Internet is about individuals and how to make money. He made a garbage dump himself. Presumably behind the times, there are many friends do garbage station, just in other forums to see an article, I think the analysis is very thorough, very insightful, sent out to those who are also confused individual Adsense look,


believe that many webmaster do garbage station, many webmaster or simply do not know what to do in the dumpster! What is likely to say, but I think I have contact; indeed there is such a part of the webmaster webmaster do not know what website! I asked a part master: "brother, you do what?" "a picture stand, a news site, a forum!…" just sounds very good, see the website a silly eye, all picture stand to others website pictures, news station is Sina, QQ, and other portal station the forum is full of news, some articles reproduced over gender.

analysis: it is not the usual picture stand in common, individual owners do not picture stand, the first picture, the consumption of resources in general space is unable to meet, and now has a lot of space restrictions, a little flow of the site will not open, second, picture to pick someone else, as long as people change a path or limit, the station became third, garbage; fix that supervisor said that your website has a pornographic picture, a website that was closed…… similarly,… News, news from the station out of the news, relative lack of news features, that is the news, time for a long time, although the website has a certain content, but the website does not have those who can attract people, keep the site popularity, eventually evolved into the dumpster…

short time, perhaps some website traffic, you might feel some relief, but it is only a short period of time, after all, a website without innovation content of their own, not what aspect, the long-term development of what? Look at some successful website, they are developed based on the original, everyone you can see, before the hao123.com 265.com is a successful website, but after the success, many people imitated them to do web sites, overnight many thousands of Web site, but behind the web site, but also famous? A: there are many examples can reflect the same content website can succeed? The same type of website, can never succeed is greater than 5, so many people Chinese do you absolutely in the 5 sites of the places? Of course, you can also try..

recently, I have been looking at some websites. They are very creative. They all integrate their life into the website, which gives people a feeling that they have strong affinity. They will visit for the first time and visit there for the second time. This reflects a problem: users demand on the site’s survival. The real estate network survival point is, the real estate information, the house rents, the house sells

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