29 Jun

The three most profitable industries in the next five years

now, thousands of people want to start a business, but the real success of a handful. Have you ever thought that the success rate of entrepreneurship is not high? Survey shows that the industry is not looking for the root cause of failure. So, the next five years, the most worthy of investment in the industry?

the wealth big cake is divided into car beauty (cleaning, cleaning, waxing, tire retreading etc.), surface treatment, beauty, car door Jushi (paste explosion-proof solar film, installation of anti-theft alarm system etc.) and automotive products (sales car perfume, in store in the decoration, car vacuum cleaner etc.) 5 aspects.

according to the cleaning scope, cleaning can be divided into two types of civil and industrial. Civil cleaning is in daily life, and personal and family life is closely related to the washing, including laundry cleaning, household goods, household appliances, cleaning houses, etc.. General industrial cleaning including vehicles, ships, aircraft surface cleaning, etc..

according to the latest statistics from the Ministry of information industry, professional cleaning domestic demand potential annual 300 billion yuan. On the summer air conditioning cleaning, for example, cleaning workers monthly salary of 8000 yuan, busy every day thousands of income, weekend cleaning are required to make an appointment in advance.


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