24 Jun

The shop only English name does not conform to the law

as an important member of the international community, whether it is cultural or economic, and international standards are more and more suitable for, and so it is, many shops are now the name of the English name only. However, if in accordance with the provisions of Chinese law, the store only English name is not in line with the law.

Aasa, Marks& Spencer, Longines and similar English name, in Wuhan Han street, only foreign names of the many shops, not citizens. These seemingly "cool", "western style", was a Chinese middle school teacher of China to do the teachers as a "violation of the law". Yesterday, the teacher in the street issued more than 10 copies of "illegal language rectification proposal", suggests that this type of business in January 1, 2015 before the name plus Chinese characters notes.

yesterday morning 9 am to 4 pm, 7 teachers in a middle school Chinese teacher came to China to do the Chinese language to regulate the use of street propaganda.

of the University of China to do the responsible person, Wuhan City language evaluation assessment group member Xue Yunsheng told reporters, Han street is becoming a cultural propaganda window in Wuhan City, but the Street merchants in the standardization of the language use problems, "last year, the National Language Committee Office has raised criticism on Chinese street, but from our monitoring of the situation, the rectification is not ideal".

"your name only in English? Why not add Chinese?" In a shop full of signs in English, Yao Xiaqing, a teacher of the Chinese teachers in a teacher asked the clerk. "This is a British brand." Clerk said.

teachers immediately to the merchants issued "People’s Republic of China language law" provisions of article thirteenth, the public service industry in order to standardize the Chinese characters used as the basic service of Hubei province; the implementation of the "People’s Republic of China language law" means eleventh mentioned: public service name card, sign it is necessary to use foreign words, shall in a prominent position with the standard Chinese characters notes. Subsequently, the teachers were issued to the business of illegal language reform proposals". In a watch shop, merchants refused to promote the teacher and monitor and change the name of the name of the shop proposal, tough attitude.

standard Chinese businesses only practice, what do people think? Some middle-aged customers said that only the name of the name of foreign businesses, if you do not go in to see, customers do not know what to sell. Young customers believe that businesses only English practice, it seems not enough affinity, and since the shop in China, it should be marked in chinese".

"we are not nosy, lively, non-standard use of language and behavior, every citizen has the right to criticize and advise." Xue Yunsheng said that the teachers will be responsible for the proposal issued in the end:

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