24 Jun

Zhejiang colleges and universities to build a platform for innovation and Entrepreneurship

in order to enable students to better understand the innovation and entrepreneurship, with the right innovation and entrepreneurial thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship has entered the major colleges and universities. Zhejiang colleges and universities for college students to build a lot of innovation and entrepreneurship platform, has a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship.

2 for the month, the office of the Zhejiang provincial government issued the "opinions" on the implementation of higher education innovation and entrepreneurship education, made from this year to comprehensively promote the innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, colleges and universities in the province before the end of March will be the general construction of the College of business.

however, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology President Ye Gaoxiang more conservative. He said that although the majority of Zhejiang university has been carrying out innovation and entrepreneurship education and a good trend, but it is still at the initial stage, the university should be more in-depth understanding of students, guidance and cultivation of students, targeted training students.

"in innovation and entrepreneurship education, the enterprise has a unique advantage in timing, training methods and training philosophy and other aspects, the two sides to build a training base will greatly satisfy the needs of students entrepreneurship and employment." Ye Gaoxiang said that before the school and enterprise cooperation, companies must carefully understand the University, after reaching a consensus to give more, more detailed guidance.

The first stage

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