23 Jun

Suitable for entrepreneurs who should

a lot of people with lofty ideals have chosen to start their own business, but in the absence of adequate preparation often fail to end. In fact, not everyone is suitable for entrepreneurship, in this, small series and we will analyze what is suitable for entrepreneurship in the end what.

1, smart man

2, the ability to work and work efficiency is strong

3, the person who has the goal of wealth


4, the truly poor man

like "appearance is not surprising" man’s pursuit of undivided attention pretty girls are often the same success. Poor people felt because of the poor and the more money the pain of cutting one’s body, desire and spirit.

5, not the status quo, the continuous efforts of the people of

"three meals a day full, the wife and kids hot Kang" people feel that holding a lifetime "a secure job", never an opportunity to make money, enough on the line, why should so much money, "this sentence is not even those who don’t make money people talk to * * *" famous ".

6, abandon the face of the people

7, hard-working people

8, the most innovative person

9, a confident person


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