22 Jun

The survey found that 2015 college students entrepreneurial intention is the most concentrated takea

college students entrepreneurship is not a new topic, with the advent of the golden age of entrepreneurship, more and more college students will choose to embark on the road of entrepreneurship. So college students entrepreneurial intentions are focused on which industry, not finance, nor technology, but takeaway".



in student entrepreneurship

for college students generally choose what entrepreneurial projects, survey, delivery in college students is the most popular, there are more than 60% of the students think that if they start, this will be your first choice.

in the field of takeaway O2O, "hungry" entrepreneurial story seems with entrepreneurial choice is extremely similar, "hungry" founder Zhang Xuhao is looking to delivery opportunities during the school master’s degree at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, in a survey released by Analysys think tank check in the first quarter of 2015, "the hungry what accounts for the overall market share of 40.07% order takeout, takeaway for the first O2O field. However, some analysts believe that the current platform to cut the idea to cut takeaway market, has lost the best time.

"delivery man has a lot of college students, but also thinking of doing this." Guo Sheng said that this is a clear herd mentality, public entrepreneurship, innovation is very good people, but once into the herd thinking, you need to think further. In addition, the growth of China’s retail industry is very slow, the retail industry is a very large proportion of employment in many countries, if the retail industry to maintain growth at this rate, it will be very dangerous signal.