20 Jun

Paint shop location how to choose

paint shop location how to choose? The location of each entrepreneur is very critical, with the diversification of China’s economic development, the choice of the paint shop to open what documents? Let Xiaobian to introduce below.

to apply for the work safety supervision bureau of hazardous chemicals business license, to apply for a business license to the business sector, the tax department for tax registration certificate. If you are an individual industrial and commercial households, there is no need for funds, if you are doing a limited liability company, the minimum registered capital of 30 thousand yuan.   generally you sell paint, then apply for individual industrial and commercial households business license on it. For business licenses of individual industrial and commercial households, you only need to bring dangerous chemicals business license, ID certificate, proof of the place (if the premises is over the rent, also need a lease agreement), 2 photos will be able to apply for business license of the business sector.

position should choose in the local sales of building materials.

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