14 Jun

Children’s small home appliances business opportunities

in today’s society for industry has been basically saturated, many people have no money in complaining, actually this society is not lack of opportunities, but found the lack of eyes. Children’s home appliances, is likely to be one of the best opportunities to make money! Come and see how big the market is!

Konka "small painting" in the color TV industry set off a children’s TV craze, in addition, there is Haier’s "the Frog Prince" TV cartoon, Ronshen washing machine and so on, the home appliance market cartoon was not 20 of household appliances. According to the person in charge of a home appliance store in Beijing, told reporters: when most of the cartoon home appliances can not sell a month, children’s home appliances in the market gradually disappear.

Kelon refrigerator for children known as   and a total investment of 100 million yuan, the year Kelon starts from the children’s health, out of the "new concept" children’s health slogan. KELON believes that due to the children’s refrigerator   key storage 4 categories of children’s food, so in volume, appearance, function and adult to have differences in their design principles, the appearance is needed in order to space design. But now, Kelon children’s refrigerator   has been discontinued, the reason is that sales can not go on, the funds are always in excess of the state.

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