13 Jun

What principles should abide by nternet Entrepreneurship

access to the Internet, which is not only a kind of entertainment, but also can become a channel to make money. As long as we make good use of the Internet to make money goals can be achieved. However, when we go on the Internet entrepreneurship, there are related principles in fact need to comply with. So, the Internet business to abide by what principles?

one, there is no motive not to venture online

most of the people, to enter the e-commerce is following the trend. Otherwise, the fear of loss of opportunity, or else is afraid to keep up with the trend". Therefore, these people engaged in e-commerce, the network is purely a use, and there is no obvious motive.

when you see "Amazon" is very successful, on the establishment of online bookstore, a nest of peak, we heard that the e-bay stock price performance is good, it was a lot of auction, no creativity, no motivation, this is blindly follow the results, since can not provide special services, the site quickly eliminated. If it is only to imitate the surface of the service, how to ask for an isomorphic web site, what is the meaning of existence?

the importance of the so-called motivation is to establish their own network in their own business to define a website to go. For example, there is no worry about education website, which is recommended in the education and training market, the continuous development and management mechanism is not perfect, determined to solve the job seekers, training, workplace issues, etc.. A strong and obvious motive attached to it because of the need to meet the needs of the office workers.

engaged in e-commerce, should make something different from others. The vast "network" look at which network operators are not motivated by the opportunity to look forward to the opportunity to profit from as soon as possible? However, if there is no so-called "need to be met because of the needs of motivation," if only focus on business opportunities and no creativity to imitate other people’s Web site, is undoubtedly tooslow, toolate!" (too slow, too late) the so-called motivation is to find a no one to solve the big problem, and then use the network to solve the problem of strong power, so pay internet life, will also be the value of the site.

two, no creativity, do not venture online

is a way of expressing motivation. Otherwise, there is a motive, only to express personal ideas, but can not be specific. In the network world, creative occupies a pivotal position, because the network is free to use, from the user first enter the accepted value of experience, determines whether it will continue to come in, so the performance from the initial idea is impressed on the battle of life and death.

"nocreative, nooppertuni!" No recommendation

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