13 Jun

Phone7 ten new features exposure to buy iPhone6 cry

fans pay attention to it, Apple phone and the latest news! U.S. technology website BusinessInsider iPhone7 can scarcely wait exposure of the most anticipated features, sapphire glass, wireless charging, the battery can be replaced and the waterproof function on the list. Bought a iPhone  6 of the children’s shoes look carefully! Because iPhone7 is more worth starting, after reading you regret so early to buy a iPhone6! Feel the kidney is not enough!

1, sapphire glass

2, double-sided plug USB data cable

3, wireless charging

4, high-definition screen

5, better battery life, support to replace the battery

iPhone6 battery life may be more than the previous generation of iPhone, but users always want iPhone battery life better, and there has been such a demand. Replaceable battery is one of the Android mobile phone users have long been a topic of ridicule iPhone users. Pop up battery design makes it easier for the user to replace the battery, but also to extend the iPhone update cycle. Apple is considering adding this feature on iPhone7.

6, 32GB storage version



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