13 Jun

The paper, light Business Bay

with a variety of paper stacked a variety of interesting products, consumers do not need to spend a lot of money, they can buy one of exquisite products, can be placed in the home decoration, so the paper, such a new investment opportunities officially come out, it does not require a large investment, investors can make easy business.

so, using the technology of paper paper rattan rattan products, the future market. At the same time, today’s people’s entertainment and leisure time more attention to the atmosphere, the paper is suitable for the needs of modern people, especially young people. Paper as a new and more creative industry in the market, he will allow you to make more money.

paper products gallery is easy, the raw materials can be used: waste paper, advertising paper calendar date and Xuan paper paper. Many shapes, combined with Chinese and Western: paper crafts can be incorporated in the shape of China’s five thousand years of ancient mysterious culture, but also the use of modern western exaggeration, bold approach. Human nature: paper crafts all manual operation, each is unique, and at the same time with personal inspiration and ideas can be free to create shapes, colors and other products.

and paper products also have a gallery of novelty: common crafts made of glass, ceramic, crystal, wood, stone and other hard material type, made of paper crafts for the first time in China, the new style, extraordinary and special material. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model has the advantages of environmental protection (which can be made of waste paper), not easy to be broken, and a unique display (the vase can be hung on the wall, and the 1/4 round vase can be hung on the wall of the wall).

paper crafts is a small investment projects, in the production and processing, mainly paper producers and hands, do not need a lot of money to buy raw materials and machinery and equipment and other facilities. Equipment investment: no specialized equipment, only a small amount of tools. Such as: scissors, glue, paper cutter, and so on.

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