10 Jun

Shanghai launched the first venture innovation coupons

now has become a pioneering social theme, and all are actively carry out a series of business activities, launched the first innovative and entrepreneurial activities in Shanghai City, Changning District volume, by a lot of people welcome.

9 17, Shanghai, Changning District science and Technology Committee Director Yang Dongsheng said that in support of innovation and entrepreneurship activities, Changning District will be issued in the first quarter of four pilot technology innovation coupons. Shanghai is different from the previous release support for small and medium enterprises use large R & D equipment innovation voucher, Changning science and technology innovation industry exchange coupons will be frequent features focusing on "Internet plus" enterprises, focus on supporting all kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship.

innovation voucher first appeared in Holland, 2012 was introduced, Jiangsu Suqian City, Jiangsu Shanghai has pioneered the use of Zhejiang and other places have this policy.

"Changning District is currently planned for the annual 10 million yuan coupon scale innovation. We will introduce the detailed rules for the implementation of a specific application for enterprise innovation voucher, is expected to be introduced before the end of October, for clear application procedures and standards etc.. At the same time, we will apply for innovative coupons through the network, certification and use, each link can query the process of enterprises in order to circumvent the approval of the application of innovative coupons opaque opaque. Service management system of science and technology innovation development certificates will be completed at the end of October, to the public." Yang Dongsheng said.


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