10 Jun

What are the errors in the operation of the glasses shop


said that every owner wants his shop can have more consumers, but in the actual operation of the process is easy to fall into some errors, leading to their own shop business affected. As operators, we naturally need to avoid these errors, so that the sales of the store will really get promoted. So, what are the errors in the operation of the optical shop?

misunderstanding: the potential customers to reject the door temperature changes fast

in the concept of many front-line staff and even some bosses in the potential customer needs and intentions are glasses but has not yet decided customer glasses. This part of the people tend to be aware of their potential customers very seriously, but unwittingly closed the door to more potential customers.

has been to many glasses store people may have had this experience, just go in the often very warm, when you tell her (him) you don’t want to buy what just go have a look, to cool a lot of convenience; if you do not buy that ask this question to ask, for convenient start with pauses indifferent; if you only ask for a long time, still sitting in the store chair in the store water (mostly go down) store magazines and newspapers to read, but eventually left with nothing whatsoever to leave. At this time, you are most likely to send a white eye.

in all the market competition, it goes without saying, nothing is how to keep their existing customers, how to reach more potential customers. Do brand, do service, engage in sales promotion, quality and so on is not in order to stabilize the current customers to attract more customers.

error two: do not seem to do the service

in many optical shops, especially in the eyes of small and medium-sized store boss. A service on the idea of free optometry free cleaning, etc.. And do not talk about this kind of service commitment to honor and honor the final situation is good or bad. From another point of view, everyone has promised to do things in the consumer’s subconscious has not called the service, but the unspoken rules of the industry.

at present, most of the glasses shop service commitments are similar, but in the actual cash and cash way is active or passive, but some are not the same. And our glasses shop itself did not establish this assessment mechanism and standards.

many optical shops and even glasses chain enterprises have not set up a special department or a person handling customer complaints, there is no express or even build customer complaints channels. To pay attention to customer complaints, but also to deal with customer complaints in a timely manner. The establishment of complaint feedback and handling mechanism can not only check the fulfillment and completion of your service commitment, but also can better understand the needs and psychology of consumers. Glasses industry is recognized as an extremely asymmetric information industry, perhaps this is the message

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