10 Jun

Successfully opened a gift shop to identify which points


Chinese are very pay attention to etiquette, usually send small gifts is a very normal thing, but now because of competition, leading to the gift shop business is facing fierce competition, want a good face a lot of difficulties. So, if you want to open a gift shop, naturally also need to have a more comprehensive understanding of the industry. So, the successful opening of a gift shop to recognize what?

location: wholesale business shop rent your 2-3 times

rent from the point of view, Guangzhou city wholesale shopping malls rent more expensive, up to 2-3 times the average retail outlets. If the shop in Onelink Plaza, low layer Pu price 1000-2000 yuan per square metre, 20 square meters stalls monthly rent is as high as 20 thousand -4 million; higher floors, relatively biased position, monthly rent to nearly 20 thousand yuan; and in the most expensive land around the train station plaza or choose square. A similar area of rent as long as 6000-10000 yuan per month.

from the success rate of investment, house shops Department Senior Manager Guo Haibo said, the wholesale stalls temporarily higher success rate of investment, nearly 5 years of opening a success rate of over 50%; relatively speaking, the mall gift shop investment success rate is low, the probability of 1/3 can be successful; and community gift shop the minimum investment success rate, less than 5%.

Investment: wholesale stalls 500 thousand yuan starting

currently open wholesale stalls investment is much higher than the other options, 500 thousand -100 million yuan mostly. In the community street or shopping mall opened similar pavement, the total investment is generally between 250 thousand -40 million.

how to open the gift shop? Open gift wholesale shop, the stockpile is big". For small wholesale stalls, generally more than 200 thousand yuan to hoard goods; meet the Chinese lunar new year before its stockpile quantity is usually 3 times. In addition, the main investment high top hand fees is also a gift shop wholesale, popular as a German road, Liwan Plaza, there are few old businesses willing to quit, quit once, "top hand fees" at 100 thousand yuan, at least 50 thousand yuan.

and choose to set up a gift shop in the community or shopping malls, investment can be divided into three: top hand + + charge of a rent accounted for two of the first batch of the purchase accounted for a total of 1/3, decoration + equipment.

business: Wholesale heavy network retail heavy features

in the wholesale market in Guangzhou, an independent gift shop to survive is not an easy thing. The reporter visited nearly 10 years of "the wealth" column in the gift shop, still smooth operation is less than 15%. But there is one thing in common: product characteristics, differentiated management.

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