10 Jun

Haze song heat transfer is also a reality ridicule

in the past six months, the northern region of China has been shrouded in haze for almost a long time. The netizen kuzhongzuole, make songs heat haze. Ridicule the public as anti haze and made all kinds of helpless move.

"open the window in the eyes, wearing masks and armed school limit line of single and double  ……" The day before, a song about the song "baby death haze" spread on the Internet, called for "don’t wait for the wind came, we work together, together with the national" positive energy "anti haze".

the lyrics describe some changes under the haze of people’s life with humorous language, "there is some phenomenon I’ve seen with my own eyes, for example, the children face everywhere wearing masks, will reveal the curious eyes, probably from the child’s perspective, this is a bit like alien dress." Zhou Yanhong, a singer and songwriter, told reporters that he has been committed to children’s public welfare, so the initiation of the idea of writing a song about haze.

During the

although the song mentions many compilation scripts, but if you do not take measures, after more haze may become a reality. Once the fog of London is Beijing’s warning, join hands to governance haze, can save the offspring.

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