10 Jun

The proportion of men and women entrepreneurs in Shenzhen 73 local entrepreneurs are

Shenzhen is a big city, but also meet the eye everywhere in each year to Shenzhen for business and the work of young people from all over the country, entrepreneurs have, recently, people also made a statistics on the Shenzhen venture to the people.

in "venture capital" Shenzhen, where entrepreneurs come from? What kind of portraits do they have? 13 days, reporters from the Shenzhen Municipal Institute of standards and technology entrepreneurs in Shenzhen was informed that the male to female ratio was 7:3, 31 years old – 35 years old is the entrepreneur of the golden age, from the native distribution, Guangdong local people accounted for the largest, followed by Hunan province entrepreneurs.

the highest proportion of female entrepreneurs is

in Luohu area

from a small class of 912, a relatively high proportion of male entrepreneurs have investment and asset management industry, retail industry, electronic products, building decoration industry and transportation industry and other sectors; and the relatively high proportion of female entrepreneurs have trade brokers and agents, other not listed wholesale industry, advertising art and the cultural industry and other industry segments.

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