10 Jun

How to choose the brand of clothing store

contemporary people’s living standards improve, have the time and ability to pursue fashion, so many clothing store business is good. For the new venture, may not know how to choose a suitable clothing to join the brand, Xiaobian now for you secret.

– brand market positioning

in choosing to join the brand at the beginning, should be first on their own city’s clothing market make a certain understanding, especially with your shops around the District, to do heart bottom.

if your local consumption level is not compared with the economically developed regions, you cannot easily blindly introduce high priced clothing; if you shop around even opened a lot of home leisure clothing brands, competition is particularly fierce, so you can stagger the business scope, will target the ladies or occupation installed on the effect will be better.

This time your brand

the product popularity of

this can be divided into several aspects. First of all, how the popularity of the brand in various regions of the country? How in the minds of consumers in the position? You can ask the sales data directly to the Brand Company, can also learn from the side, by taking over the agent of the brand management have to understand its sales situation.

Third, it depends on product pricing in similar brands is a recommended price

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