10 Jun

What is the most profitable online shop selling

network shop has now become very common throughout the network, there are a lot of opportunities, so, now in the fierce market competition, through the online shop what to do to make money?

the most money in the online shop to sell what?

when considering what to sell, must according to their interests and abilities and. Try not to get involved in unfamiliar areas. At the same time, to determine the target customers, from their needs to choose goods. The current mainstream Internet users has two features, one is younger, to the game as the main purpose of the Internet, students proportion of users fairly; second is the office workers, on behalf of the other basic features of mainstream Internet users or quasi – white-collar white-collar. Understand the basic features of mainstream Internet users, you can according to their own resources and conditions even hobby is determined to cast a big net, hit the mainstream, or Zoupian Jian Feng, a. Where are the characteristics of the shops are popular, if you can find a fashion and unique products, such as homemade jewelry, toys, DIY, clothing custom goods and services, will be the best choice for online shops.

, jewelry: " crystal; " " jade pendant " hot. Jewelry classification has been the most active classification of Taobao online transactions, in 2004, the new darling of the popular jewelry crystal and personalized pendants favored by buyers. In the first half of 2004, the average monthly taobao.com crystal bracelet can sell more than 800 root, a jadeite jade pendant on recommended

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