10 Jun

Must have some sales skills and abilities

marketing is a great deal of knowledge, the successful sale of their products, you will realize their own value. Want to be a good sales person, you need to have what skills and abilities, and make a quick look at it, the market opportunities.


was the language – "language humorous liking, cheerful mood of customers"


grasp the customer, and strive to take the initiative


clever pressure, effective collection of payment

will let customers purchase request break up the whole into parts, in a "hungry" state. "Hunger, cold" is also a kind of strategy,   "to the child ANN (customer), give him hunger and cold"! Can not be too active, too warm, to cherish their own!

will be the dominant varieties of stock, let the customer churn line (temporary pressure); the knot, after the goods send. Open, well versed in customer management situation; focus on bad debt, bad debts, nip in the bud.


firmly establish the brand awareness, and resolutely resist the "short-sighted" behavior.

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