10 Jun

Join the chain industry which brands are noteworthy

alone business, power inevitably weak, want to catch up with rich rushed storm, we must pay attention to the strength of the side chain brand, then life is not what brand chain general amazing "money" force?

– convenience store

brand list: Lianhua, Hualian, may, Rosen, buddies, Quik, LAWSON.

list of reasons: as of the end of 2005, Shanghai supermarket, convenience store brand franchise system has 16 franchise stores, with 4100. These brands have been stationed in Shanghai for many years, the size of the enterprise, the means of operation are trustworthy.

Analysis of

– catering industry

brand list: Yonghe soybean milk, RBT, DIO coffee, Shaoxing, auspicious wonton.

List the reasons:

Analysis of

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