10 Jun

What are the four principles of a good name for a shop

said that although now many shopkeepers have realized the importance of a good name to store up however, how to take a good shop has plagued many shopkeepers. In fact, as long as we follow the four principles, to shop for a good name can be very simple. So, the shop has a good name to pay attention to the four principles?

1, concise and easy to pronounce.


name must be concise, easy to understand and read loud to smooth, easy to pronounce, if signs of uncommon words, it is hard to pronounce, is not easy for visitors to learn.

2, unique, unique.

shop with out of the ordinary words, thousands on thousands of, make their own shop in the name is shown on a special taste and style, embodies a kind of independent, attract the viewer’s attention.

3, and their own business related.

name words should be in line with their products, to choose a let people see you on the business scope of the name from the name, if the name has nothing to do with the commodity, is likely to cause the viewer antipathy, naturally not to talk about the deal.

4, auspicious words, give people a sense of beauty.

With some Chinese aesthetic words with

, your name should look there is a kind of beauty, do not frontsword, in order to attract people and pay attention to the use of some dark and vulgar, disgusting name, such a result would be counterproductive.

to the shop named job is very important, want to take a good name is not a simple thing, but as long as we can grasp the relevant skills, with reference to the relevant principles, take a good name can be easily. So, if you want to shop a good name, you will abide by the above four principles?