10 Jun

Spain fat man killed 72 pigs video upload video arrested for cruelty to animals

Spain a fat man to play, even flying to rush into a group of pigs, and killed 72 piglets. His partner took a video and uploaded to the internet. Currently two men have been arrested.


this animal in transit to other farms on the way to death. According to the local government spokesman’s statement: "when these Zhuzai into the transport channel, 2 people will deliberately close the exit animal bound. One of them began to shot using a mobile phone, the other is three times into the pigs, with their weight at them. This action resulted in the death of 19 pigs and another 53 pigs died. The two were Spanish and Lithuania, and then spread the video on the WhatsApp software. The farmer then called the police, two suspects were aged 19 and at the age of 22, according to the police identified the video and the search for the 2."

video of the cruel picture caused outrage in Spain and abroad. Some netizens commented on YouTube: "I want to let the fat man lay on the ground, and then he killed 72 pigs stuffed into his mouth."

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