10 Jun

How to name a florist

shop after all is different from the general store, it is for the name, or the decoration of shops, there are very strict requirements, so, if you want to successfully open a shop, also need to take a florist shop right. So, how to name the florist? To name the florist or more, but also very simple, as long as it is with some nice and warm words together that is a very good name to the florist named don’t need what name expert, here is the small series for you to give us your shop name.

1, according to the name of the flower name

is the main business products is the florist flowers, each flower and meaning are very good, so we have our own flower shop flowers name to our shop name is also very good, such as the rose flower shop, carnation flower shop, fresh red rose garden, can be said to make our customers are more intuitive to understand what we are doing.

2, according to the story of flowers to name

every flower has each flower story, if the story was to spend it, our customers must feel our shop is very romantic, I feel very warm, like the lily flower, the story is smooth, Xinxiangshicheng, blessing, solemn, pure, rich, the wedding. Pink rose is forever love. So we can pick out some words from these stories to our name, such as Xiyuan, flower flower house love, sunshine floral, romantic flower, the name is also very creative.

3, according to our name to name

if you are in the local popular popularity or your name words, we can also use the name as our shop name, this will make our customers feel your flower must be great, is the value of the trust, for example, Lingling flowers, floral, florist, Meggie Yan Daniel, Xinyi FLOWER FLOWER house.

as a name for the development of the shop will have a great influence, therefore, if we want to open a shop, you need to shop for a good name. So, if you open a flower shop, with a little more than the introduction of the above, and now you know how to shop name?

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