10 Jun

The second national college entrepreneurship contest the duel

2015 years of college students entrepreneurship competition such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like everywhere, 2016 opened, many games have appeared. By the second National University sponsored jiaduobao entrepreneurship Contest Finals ended in Beijing, 13 teams in the duel, decide the winner.

Entrepreneur Association guidance by Chinese Investment Association,

The final "

to attend the finals of the JDB group strategic customer department, the organizing committee chairman Jin Jiamin, the school guide network CEO Yang Xiaofeng   Beijing, Deputy Minister of municipal Party committee, Department of Beijing Youth Entrepreneurship Development Association Deputy Secretary General Yu Zhonghua, a founding partner of Shang Guanjun, off the headquarters of AA investment into Miaoqi, founding partner of elements capital founding partner Xu Fei, three and capital founding partner Chen Shuo, first capital founding partner Tian Jiangchuan Liang Jianqiao, founding partner, shell son Chen Peng, the 1898 venture capital fund China Youth New Media Association executive director, senior manager of sina micro-blog Kong Lingxu, Project Hope – Martial Arts Fund Lanxin Qin guest judges etc..

under the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" in the background, when the capital gradually become rational, innovative and creative and inexperienced young entrepreneurs will feel very careful. In the final scene, the organizing committee invited the AA investment into Miaoqi Ms. Tian capital heart Ms. Jiangchuan, Mr. Liang Jianqiao "eggshell son under the winter capital of youth entrepreneurship forum.

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